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The selected grapes inzolia and catarratto come from the hills of Malfa (Salina). The clear and brilliant wine has a light yellow color with greenish reflections, the aromas are reminiscent of wild flowers and royal jelly. The flavor re-proposes the olfactory sensations of slight aging in wood with an aftertaste of floral scents. It is a dry wine ideal as an aperitif and to pair with seafood appetizers, shellfish and grilled and roasted fish dishes.

Product Specifications

Vines used:
90% Malvasia, 5% Catarratto Lucido, 5% Inzolia
territorio di Malfa – ME – (Isola di Salina)
Soil Types:
vulcanic hill at 250 above sea level
Type of farming:
Pruning Thecnique:
cordone permanente
Yeld per Hectare:
second decade of September, the grapes are harvested strictly by hand and for a better conservation of the product they are placed in special boxes for transport to the cellar
after destemming, the grapes are cryomacerated for about 24 hours at a temperature of 8 ° c for a greater extraction of the aromas and to create a wine with excellent structure, after static settling the must is fermented at a temperature of 13 ° C for about 20 days 25% of the product finishes fermentation and begins aging in French oak barrels for about 120 days.
intense yellow with greenish reflections, clear and bright
Aromatic, intense, delicate and persistent; aromas of apricot, pear, pineapple and a complex floral bouquet
Intense, velvety, slightly sapid and persistent; there are fruity, floral and vanilla aromas for aging in barriques
Alcohol content:
13,8° % etilic alcohol pH – 3,01
Total Acidity:
6,2 g/l in Tartaric acid
Volatile acidity:
0,18 g/l
Produced bottles:
about 8.000
Serve at 10-12 ° C; it goes perfectly with raw fish, roast, shellfish, seafood appetizers, lean meats and sweet cheeses.


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