The caper’s plant, scientific name Capperis Spinosa, belongs to the Capparidacee family.

This plant, with a lote of usages and properties, grows spontaneously in the Salina Island since immemorial time.

On this beautiful island of the Aeolian Islands archipelago, this plant found all the necessary elements for is luxuriant development, the calcareous soil and the dry and windy climate.


The Caper is not the plant fruit, but the bud and it matures in Salina between May and August. The caper’s harvest starts early in the morning, when the bud has not opened yet.
The capers are hand-picked and the harvest is not at simple. The collectors walk for many hours along rough terrains and the summer temperatures are often very hot. To obtain about 1 kg of small capers, the collectors must work for at least 1 hour strenuously. After the harvest, it is necessary to salt the Salina capers and leave them to dry in the sun. After that, they are processed using the salting technique. The process requires that the capers are placed in large containers, alternating capers and salt. They remain in salt for about 40/45 days. After this process, the capers are ready to use and ready to store.
The capers are used to prepare tasty meals since ancient times. However, they can be used during a diet, because 100g of capers contain only 23 Kcal.


Greek people discoved the caper’s benefical properties. Discoride, a Greek doctor and pharmacist, in his “De Materia Medica” of 70 BC. approximately, described the diuretic properties of the Salina Capers and its benefits against toothache.


Recently, we have also discovered new caper’s health benefits. They are full of quercetin, a natural antioxidant.
Capers even can reinforce the immune system. Using capers, the immune system become more efficient.
Now try them and discover all their benefits!


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