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FROM LOVE for the excellence of our territory and from the desire to make them accessible and appreciated to all comes the project to create a short organized supply chain that enhances the quality of our agriculture, reduces the costs of intermediation and incentives and promotes the consumption of typical products Aeolian.


Eolie Shop was born from the passion of a group of young Sicilian entrepreneurs, in love with their land and the raw materials it offers. Their quality is given by the scents of the sea and the warmth of the sun that bathe and warm the lands of the pristine Aeolian Islands. The expert hands of the Aeolian artisans transform these excellent raw materials into products of unparalleled taste and supreme quality.
The aim that these young entrepreneurs have set themselves is to make the Aeolian excellence known internationally, creating an indissoluble union between quality and accessibility.
This is why they have devised a supply chain that allows them to minimize brokerage costs and at the same time allow large-scale distribution of Aeolian products at competitive prices, maintaining the quality of the products intact and guaranteeing their undisputed excellence.
The consumer can only choose the products he prefers and enjoy them in good company.

Se ti iscrivi alla nostra newsletter riceverai subito via mail un codice sconto di 5,00€ valido su un ordine minimo di 50,00€ sul primo acquisto.

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